The Order of Z, an antidote to ‘Woke’

If you are troubled by the stranger notions spreading through American society these days, and want to leave the spectator stands and join our team in the contest of ideas, you might want to join us. We are a rag-tag collection of diverse mostly-white mostly-males who have decided to gather our energies and push back against the Woke ideology.

We disagree with the notion of ‘gender fluidity’, call into question the branding of masculinity as ‘toxic’, refuse to accept the victimhood mentality, yet feel stripped of our traditional values by the progressive Left. Marxist economic ideology has failed in practice, being mostly a vehicle for the power-hungry to assume control, even in America. When the Left isn’t nutty, they can be downright evil, undermining efforts to keep criminals off the streets, and imposing governmental control over our entire life, cradle-to-grave. We refuse to accept these ideas. They are un-American. They don’t deserve a place on the table next to our apple pie.

Hello, I’m Rich Olson, retired surgeon and now studying Public Health and Informatics (computer applications) in Augusta, Georgia. The School of Public Health is undergoing formation as AU is recruiting a founding Dean. AU and its predecessors, and the Medical College of Georgia faculty have be offering an online MPH degree for quite awhile, maybe a decade or more. I started classes Fall semester 2022, and target graduation in May, 2024. Following this I plan to attend the University of Wisconsin – Madison and study Systems Engineering, since UW has contributed to healthcare applications of Systems Engineering and Human Factors led by Pascale Carayon.

We are interested in recruiting a core of Z enthusiasts who are wishing to devote at least an hour per week in this effort, posting on this site’s blog, sending photos, sharing book reviews, YouTube videos or adding personally created content (preferred.)

We can accommodate anonymous users, suggesting perhaps both a personally identified user and an anonymous one if someone wishes to wade into controversial waters without jeopardizing their ‘day job’. Unfortunately, we live in an age of the Cancel Culture, so anonymity may be a MUST for certain folks.